The Weight I Have To Carry (EP 2013)

by Confident

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released December 4, 2013



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Confident Tijuana, Mexico

we like what we do.

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Track Name: Intro
Time still passes like there's no tomorrow.
Meaningless days, dying dreams,
thats the weight I have to carry

Fuck this, this insecurity. It's time to get this straight.
Fuck this, this insecurity. It's time to make things right.
Track Name: Castaway
I've never felt this way before,all of this was my fault.
(I've never felt this way before,all of this was my fault. )

I took the risk to board this ship knowing I could sink with it.

I'm lost in the middle of the sea
I'll try to comeback home by myself.
From now on, I'll keep my way alone.
Track Name: Getting Better Through Time
Now I have all I need, all my friends and family.
They never left me alone,they were always here.
Now I could realize I have more friends than I thought,
and they will be always here for me.

I'm not sad anymore, I'm just getting better through time,
getting better through time...
I'm just getting better through time, getting all over it.

Despite the setbacks I will always stand up.
At this point, time is the key to forget you.
I need to start to think about me
and walk straight ahead toward the horizon.

Don't ever make promises you know you can't keep.
And don't say you feel things that you don't really feel.

Moving forward, I'll keep moving forward.

I'm leaving behind all these beautiful moments I had with you.
It's time to face it, you're no longer here.
It's just me and nobody else to start all over again.
Track Name: Interlude
I feel... Inside of me...
Track Name: Strong Heart
I feel you left an emptiness inside of me.
I will never forget all these memories.
I'll take with me, I'll take with me...

I didn't understand why you left.
You left me here without knowing where to go.
I will raise myself and I will stand.

Sometimes I think I could have done more, but I feel good knowing that I gave my all.
Sometimes I feel I could have done more, but I feel good knowing that I gave my all.

"Your words make me believe that I meant nothing to you.
But you know I was everything to you.
I prefer to keep all these memories and take 'em with me everywhere I go.
Take 'em with me everywhere I go..."

I prefer to keep all these memories and take 'em with me everywhere I go.
But this time you won't be crossing my mind...Bitch...
Track Name: Half Way Back
There are so many things I'd like to tell you,
but my mind is not clear at all.
I never thought that falling from the top of the world
would leave me half way back for you to come through.

I was loosing the capability of love,
but I can't deny that you're the one
who I want to show me how love feels like
and to show me that it's something worth fighting for.

With your indifference for the world you already got me.
You're almost perfect just because they say perfection doesn't exist.

This darkness when I close my eyes
can't stop creating your image in my mind.
I wish you'd feel the same for me.
And if you do, carry me with all and my mistakes.

And with my feet on the ground I'll be conscious of everything around me
and that every decision I've made brought me where I am today.

And when the time comes, I will open my heart to you...
Track Name: Waste of Time
You know my name but you don't know my mind, my thoughts, my heart...
This way I feel its always been here so deep inside of me, inside myself.
This resentment I can't live with, I can't live with...

Now you're part of this, now you're part of this hate.
You're just a memory, you're just a broken promise.

I really thought we could be something more.
I believed in the words you said to me.
From now on, I won't give a shit for you.

You are a fucking disappointment.
You're just a fucking disappointment.

I hope you find someone who really cares about you,
cause I don't care anymore.
I won't be there for you like I did before.
I've spent so much time trying to understand you.
Take your love, take your words and get away from me.

The words I wanted to say left me breathless.
But listen, you will never see me fall again.

You are so far away to be the person I used to love.
You want to gain everyone's respect
when you don't even respect yourself.
I've lost you...

You were just a waste of time...
Track Name: Find My Way Again
I try to be honest with myself.
I try to be the best every fucking day.
I'm always trying to find my way again.
But all I get is a struggle with myself.

But I'm not worried because I know
this is my moment, this is my time...

I keep my feet on the ground, I grabbed my soul on my hand
now I can trust in my heart TO FIND MY WAY AGAIN.